About Us

Vhorus is a digital production house aiming to construct a solid bridge and an annex to the world of tomorrow… Today. We have our sights set on the future of the Middle East, and the world. We intend to not only build the bridge, but to make the platform richer, more accessible and more innovative. We aim to showcase the true innovative power the Middle East region possesses by building a true Virtual Reality platform with meaningful content that is meant to educate and enlightens while going head to head, as well as hand in hand with the world’s finest.

Vhorus experience

Have you ever imagined the stories and miracles of Quran while reading it? Or even get transported to the most sacred spot on earth “Makkah” from the comfort of your seat? BSocial’s VR production arm, Vhorus, has managed to do that and more with its VR apps “Experience Makkah, and Experience Quran.” Introducing the miracles and awe-inspiring stories of Quran and the spirituality of the holy land of Makkah using different virtual reality techniques. Modernizing subjects that hold such a high degree of spiritual value and appreciation amongst Muslims around the world presented many challenges on a technical level. Conveying all the spiritual vibes and achieving that instant awe that you get once you try the experience was crucial to the success of the experience. From the very beginning, Vhorus was launched as a startup for virtual reality experiences. We were determined to build experiences that are true to its original source and become officially verified by Oculus was one of our many goals. Before launching Experience Mecca, we ran an extensive search over the 1000+ applications in the store, to make sure none of them originated from the Middle East. The lack of VR awareness in the region could have been merely used as a brand opportunity. The determination, however, was to educate via non-traditional, heart-felt means that would distinctively resonate. Building a true virtual reality experience while maintaining its real-life authenticity and striking impact was our goal Accordingly, to be able to develop the look and feel of each experience demanded meticulous research and studies, so as to reach the best quality possible while avoiding any technical issues that might occur while rendering. On the technical side, Oculus has several guidelines that any VR project should abide by. Given the fact that we were working on the high-tech specifications offered by the latest mobile in the market, our VR architects along with the developers worked closely to ensure a quality and satisfying VR experience for everyone, while experimenting different storytelling and camera movement techniques. Intrigued, yet? Get on the Oculus Store and get transported to a world of miracles and pure spirituality.